About XChange

Your Platform for Transitions

At XCHANGE, we recognize the transformative moments in life. Our podcast platform is dedicated to those navigating significant shifts in their careers and personal journeys. Through authentic conversations, we spotlight voices undergoing substantial transitions, providing a stage for stories that resonate, inspire, and connect.

Our inaugural podcast series is the Mil2Civ Career Transition Power Hour. Tailored for the Military Community, it’s a beacon for transitioning service members seeking answers beyond their TAPs class. Join host Cheryl Cross and an array of seasoned recruiting, job search, and corporate hiring experts.

We’re not here to preach or teach. Instead, XCHANGE is all about genuine dialogue. Sharing insights from experts and those with firsthand experience, we aim to guide you to the next phase of your career.

Stay tuned as XCHANGE unfolds more series, amplifying voices from diverse transitions, all committed to amplifying the voices of people JUST. LIKE. YOU.

Your Host: Cheryl Cross

From the Broadcast Booth to Boardrooms

Once a voice behind the microphone, Cheryl Cross is now a sought-after strategist, guiding state and local governments and steering Fortune 500 companies serving the U.S. Military. Her expertise? Navigating the complex terrains of candidate attraction, recruitment, staff retention, and advanced career training. With roots as an Emergency Preparedness Commissioner for Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles County, Cheryl today serves as a pivotal Workforce Development Councilmember and advisor for Hawaii.

With a rich history of interviewing a myriad of candidates, Cheryl seamlessly marries her broadcasting background with her recruitment and training finesse to create this unique podcast platform and produce the multitude of series on the road ahead. This synergy is evident in her role as a Military to Civilian Job Transition Ambassador and a stalwart advocate for Military Spouse Employment. Her presentations, which have captivated thousands, span vital topics: from innovative consulting tools to empowering women in the workforce and mastering the art of negotiation.

Yet, above all, as a fiercely independent single mom, Cheryl’s crowning achievement remains her unwavering drive to do the four things she loves most: bridging connections, fostering conversations, building opportunities, and igniting potential in every interaction.