Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Potential Podcast Guests of X Change Podcast Series

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on the X Change Podcast Series. By indicating your acknowledgment and understanding of these terms and conditions, you agree to the following:

  1. Pre-recording and Selection:
    All podcast segments for the X Change Podcast Series, including but not limited to: Military to Civilian Job Transition Power Hour, or any future series, are pre-recorded.

    Being selected for an interview does not guarantee that your segment will be included in the final produced show(s).

  2. Ownership & Rights:
    Should you be invited to appear on any program within the X Change Podcast Series, you will be asked to sign a Guest Release form. This form will specify that Cheryl A. Cross, C.A. Cross & Associates, LLC, or their designated vendors (collectively referred to as the “Podcaster”) hold the exclusive rights to the content produced.

    The Podcaster will have sole ownership of all materials related to the podcast, including the right to distribute and exploit any recorded segment, in any format, globally.

  3. No Compensation:
    All guests understand and agree that they will not receive monetary compensation for their appearance or participation in the podcast.

  4. Use of Name and Likeness:
    Your name and likeness may be used in connection with the X Change Podcast Series for promotional and advertising purposes. However, it will not be used as an endorsement of any external product or service.

  5. Release of Liability:
    By agreeing to these terms and conditions, guests preemptively release the Podcaster from any liability related to the production, distribution, or use of the recorded podcast segment.

    If selected as a guest for the podcast, you will be provided with a detailed Guest Release form for signature, further solidifying the terms and details of your participation.